History of Outsourcing - Many organizations today are making the decision to outsource. In today's global marketplace outsourcing has made itself accessible to many

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ABOUT OFFLINE DATA ENTRY WORKS Offline Data Outsourcing is the best options for national & international companies to get outsourced their work in time with better accuracy,

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Director, Mr. AGNEEV ROY is a methodical and soft spoken man. An enigmatic man of even temper and inexorable drive, he tends to motivate his colleagues and admirer.

He radiates such a profundity of belief that people would do anything for him. He likes to have sincere, hard working, genuine and motivated people around him. His philosophy is simple that if you are able to prove genuine intent to work, he guarantees you a safe, sound and genuine source of income.


Distributor wanted for Domestic Money Transfer & M-POS machine (District wise)