Director, Mr. AGNEEV ROY is a methodical and soft spoken man. An enigmatic man of even temper and inexorable drive, he tends to motivate his colleagues and admirer.

He radiates such a profundity of belief that people would do anything for him. He likes to have sincere, hard working, genuine and motivated people around him. His philosophy is simple that if you are able to prove genuine intent to work, he guarantees you a safe, sound and genuine source of income.


If any Clients have any complain against R.K. DATA SERVICES data entry works, they can directly visit to the Guwahati office for the information or they can mail us in our email id- inforkdata@gmail.com And all the clients are requested to take the projects works from our authorized franchisee .

History of Outsourcing - Many organizations today are making the decision to outsource. In today's global marketplace outsourcing has made itself accessible to many

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ABOUT OFFLINE DATA ENTRY WORKS Offline Data Outsourcing is the best options for national & international companies to get outsourced their work in time with better accuracy,

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FORM-FILLING WORKS (only copy paste):- We provide form filling and form processing work to all. Most of our form filling work related to credit card application, bank loan application, Insurance application, Medical billing, travel survey, share trading application,

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DATA TYPING WORKS (CONVERT THE FILE FROM JPEG FORMAT TO M.S. WORD):- We provide data entry, data digitization and manual data entry task to you but we expect only quality data entry work done by you. We need best data entry work output from you.

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HAND-WRITING WORKS (CONVERT THE FILE FROM HARD COPY TO SOFT COPY):- Outsource Handwritten data entry in the off line category include business projects, general paper documentation, updating of notebooks, catalogued documents, business manuals, research papers, novels,

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DATA EDITING WORKS (JUST CORRECT THE FILE IN PDF, JPEG FORMAT, HTML, ETC):- We process paper as well as soft documents and convert them into the digital electronic format. Data processing is one of the fastest growing services of BPO in India,

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